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Science Has Great News for People Who Read Actual Books

Here is another interesting article about reading and comprehension and comparing ebooks to printed paper books.

“Science Has Great News for People Who Read Actual Books”

Here is a short excerpt “Our brains were not designed for reading, but have adapted and created new circuits to understand letters and texts. The brain reads by constructing a mental representation of the text based on the placement of the page in the book and the word on the page.”  I know, for myself personally, when I read and I’m trying to recall something I read, I get a mental picture of what side of the page the quote or sentence I was thinking about was on.

What do other people think?  How do you read and remember?  What do you think about all these new studies coming out talking about either how multitasking and reading online is training our brains to learn in new ways or how reading a printed item allows for more comprehension and understanding?  Can they both be true?

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Is Google Making Students Stupid?

This article, “Is Google Making Students Stupid?: Outsourcing menial tasks to machines can seem liberating, but it may be robbing a whole generation of certain basic mental abilities.” by Nick Romeo appeared September 30, 2014 in The Atlantic.  I thought it was  interesting and fit well with our readings this week by Paul Duguid “Material Matters: Aspect of the Past and the Futurology of the Book and Carla Hesse “Books in Time

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